Debra Ashton

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Welcome to Synergy Holistic Health!!

A multimodality Naturopathic clinic focusing on the needs of our Patients.  We provide the best natural health care in Adelaide so that you are supported as you are healing and educated about your own unique health needs as your journey progresses. We provide inovative health solutions, perfect for our modern lives. We take into consideration your lifestyle, your limitations, your strengths, and your goals to create and entire program just for your needs. Many people often need more than one health aspect supported at one time, we realise that to truly help people, the communication between practitioner and patient is vital, to ensure that everything is working well together and conducive to patient health.. not just recovery but also for long term results.

“The idea for Synergy Holistic Health germinated for Debra Ashton while she was balancing her life around nursing, naturopathy, and family.  Being passionate about assisting and educating her patients, Debra wanted to create a synergistic balance between all aspects of health – encompassing their physical, mental & emotional health. She spent many years implementing her perspective that with proper information, people can make informed choices about their health.”

At Synergy Holistic Health our philosophy is to assist and educate our patients on how to create a synergistic balance between all aspects of health.  We want to empower individuals through our integrative health solutions, with knowledge about their own bodies and how they can maintain optimal health – encompassing their physical, mental and emotional health.

We are a truly Patient focused Natural Healing Clinic, where your health and wellbeing comes first. You and I, work together as a team to provide you with the most comprehensive and professional treatment available for your needs.

We collaborate to make sure that at all times, the most appropriate treatment is organised for you. This means you can be sure that you are getting the most effective treatment for your conditions and to maintain your wellbeing for every situation you encounter.

Synergy Holistic Health uses the following health services within the clinic:

Herbal Medicine



Micro Nutrients

Clinical Testing

Laboratory Testing

Flower Essences



Life Coaching


Deb Ashton is a Naturopath and a Registered Nurse who has been in the healing profession for over 25 years.

Deb’s approach to health care stems from the philosophy that the body is born with enormous self healing potential and with the understanding that lifestyle, habits and beliefs often interrupt the self– regulating mechanisms of the body, which can over time result in illness and dysfunction.
​​She has incorporated a range of healing modalities into her practice uncovering the underlying cause of health challenges, which is and integral part of the work that she does.
 With her compassionate nature, Debra has gained a reputation with her patients and colleagues as a practitioner who uniquely understands the needs of her patients and applies individual protocols for each person ensuring they receive the most effective care for their requirements.
Debra soon became well know for encouraging her patients to be involved in their own treatment to ensure they reach their goals.